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Whether it involves business-related immigration challenges and/or matters of the heart


At F.I.S.H. we are passionate about immigration. This is due to our own experience both professionally and personally. You will get the same expertise as a lawyer but at an affordable rate. 


 If you would like to benefit from a professional view of your immigration challenge, head to the contact area and connect with F.I.S.H.

Hourly fee

The hourly fee F.I.S.H. charges is 100,- euro (excluding VAT). The amount you will be charged depends on the requested support and type of application. Payment has to be done in advance (unless agreed otherwise). 

F.I.S.H. also supports companies with applying for their (highly skilled) employees. Please contact us for a list of fixed prices for different types of applications.    

Highly skilled migrant and other business-related applications

Testimonial customer immigration Netherlands


From May 2017 until current we have been using F.I.S.H services managed by Mr. Donovan Pander.
Our case was of such complexity that it was not possible to relocate back to the Netherlands on our
own due to our family structure, therefor we reached out to F.I.S.H

Mr. Pander has shown through hard work, excellent knowledge of the law and integrity that the-
what seem impossible- can be done. Through our process there were always provided with options,

and under no circumstance are you forced to make decisions. Mr. Pander from F.I.S.H has always
provided the facts with both possible outcomes-positive and negative- a crucial fact of importance
as you always have to be prepared for the worst case scenario.
From myself and on behalf of my family I can only say that if it was not for the input of F.I.S.H, we
would be in a situation where my family would be torn in half.
The cost depends on your procedure, but again- Mr. Pander always exceeded the hour rate in work
rather than to look on the clock. Money could not buy the outcome we received- priceless.
I highly recommend the services of F.I.S.H, I truly believe that there is no other provider that can
guide you through the complicated webs of rules and regulations.
Thank You
Eric B. and family

Click on services to learn more about the various services provided by F.I.S.H. 



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