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 Work related purpose  
As there are many different types of work-related purposes, most common is the highly skilled migrant application. Companies can become recognized sponsors to hire highly skilled migrants. The other well-known applications are work in paid employment (GVVA) and working on a self-employed basis. 
As it is difficult to mention all the different immigration challenges, feel free to contact us with your question. 
 Student Visas 
If you finish your education here or elsewhere in the world and your goal is to live/study and/or work in the Netherlands, you might need some assistance in taking the next step. 
 Family Sponsorship 
Whether you are a foreign national working in the Netherlands, a Dutch or even EU national which would like to bring his non-EU spouse/partner to the Netherlands, F.I.S.H. can support you in your quest.
 Citizenship Application 
If you would like to become Dutch, you have to meet certain criteria. Each case could be different as there are many ways to obtain Dutch citizenship. 
 Extension Of Status 
If your residence card is about to expire F.I.S.H. can assist with the application or suggest a different application, which might better suit your needs.