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KVK-nummer/ Chamber of Commerce number: 68804970

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Donovan Pander
owner/consultant F.I.S.H.  


After working with the Dutch immigration department for several years and as an immigration consultant working with highly skilled migrants, I now offer my services for the public. Full disclosure. My experience has not only been theoretical for my partner is non-EU (obtained Dutch nationality in the meanwhile).

Mission, Vision and Values


Full Immigration Service Holland is an immigration consultancy dedicated to providing high-quality support in a comfortable atmosphere for clients whom seek information and advice regarding the subject. F.I.S.H. intends to make enough profit to finance continued growth and development in quality consultancy.



We intend to provide our customers with the best immigration support from beginning to end.


To give everyone the opportunity to create a situation where they can share their lives with their loved ones, take that dream job they are offered, study at that university which comes highly recommended.. as if there were no borders.